Steel Detailing Gets Better With Tekla Structures

The architectural industry is buzzing with technological advancements and 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been rapidly carving its way into construction industry developments. Today the construction sector across the world is facing immense challenges in terms of time and budget constraints and maintenance of quality standards. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has transformed the way architecture industry functions and it has phenomenally changed the approach towards construction through making the most of technology to better the places where we live, work and play. At this stage of BIM development, when concepts on design and creation are frequently getting redefined, one of the new software that has been recently making news in the architectural sector is Tekla Structures.

Tekla Structures has been known for its accuracy and dynamism in developing construction models coupled with the highest levels of productivity, frugality and management. As we know Building Information Modeling is all about visualizing and understanding a project in virtual space without having built the development in real world. Hence, there is substantial savings in costs, time and materials. Tekla Structures is the software used for Building Information Modeling (BIM) that enables the development, control and management of complex, byzantine structures with utmost accuracy and precision. Tekla Structures software encompasses the entire project development process; right from its conception to its virtual development to its construction in the real world. Hence, in a nutshell Tekla allows detailing of complex structures with increased efficiency and enhanced productivity. Tekla Structures software has been very much helpful especially in the area of steel detailing. It has so much to offer to detailers and modelers in terms of the right tools that prepare them to develop a very detailed 3D model for any kind of complex and capital-intensive project development.

Here we discuss a few advantages that Tekla Structures software offers, which has made it a popular choice amongst its users. Model-sharing ability: Tekla offers to allow more than one detailer to collaborate and interact with other project parties also, who is simultaneously working on the same project. This facilitates other users belonging to other disciplines to build a model and also share it with other project participants and keep them abreast of every stage of the building phase. Accuracy in detailing: Detailing done with Tekla Structures happens with the highest levels of precision and accuracy. The Tekla-created 3D model can be banked upon for its accurate and error-free actual construction in the real world too. Component library and custom components: Tekla offers an exhaustive library of intelligent components like staircases, clip angles, etc. that intelligently adapt themselves to the point of location and hence it becomes easy for modelers to use those components for requirement-specific projects. In addition to this, Tekla also provides the modeler to build custom components for company-specific projects. Tekla software enables engineers, designers, builders, modelers and architects to efficiently build, review and share their models in a 3D environment and hence allows better collaboration amongst different disciplines through integrated systems. Tekla has been widely used in steel detailing and its enormous potential and legion advantages are only going to make it the choicest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software in the construction industry.

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