Kembhavi Architecture Foundation in India

Kembhavi Architecture Foundation is an independent Architecture consulting firm founded in 1972, which offer you a wide range of specialized services including architectural design, interior design, project management and structural engineering. We also provide solutions for Green Building Habitats amongst hundreds of other similar. Our equipped offices are located in Hubli and Bangalore and has provided consultancy to over 1000 clients. Architecture Foundation Architects had won many awards in various nation-wide for their prestigious spheres of the construction corporate offices, including malls, industry, hotels, private residences transport terminals, cultural centres, health care facilities and townships. Most talented experienced and dedicated architects has been the heart of this firm, they offer consultancy services in Architectural, Civil and Interior Design. We not consider the project to be a big or small; we are capable of maintaining the highest standards in design and execution of township.

Besides the firm’s commitment to pursuing excellence in design, KAF proudly stakes its claim as the pioneer of the Green Building Revolution. Their creation – the Police Bhavan in Gulbarga – is one of the first gold-rated green buildings in the country. For the past few years, KAF has been researching green building practices – both traditional and futuristic – to create improved, cost-effective and eco-friendly habitats. At present, the firm is engaged in joint research with the Michigan State University on evaluating Lead India and Lead USA practices, while also designing projects spread across an area of over 10 million sq ft.

If you are looking for such a firm to help out in designing one of your properties, the quickest way to get in touch with one is by searching online. But while there may be a number of firms that provide interior architecture services. It is good idea to go through the company’s website and check out the kind of work they have done. Many websites also have testimonials that give you the overview of workings of the company and help you to select the right one for you.

Whether it is a small home or big luxury house, each of us dream for constructing the home with latest designs and advanced features. It’s all possible only if you choose the right designer. Only an expert architect can make wonders even in a small home or beautiful luxurious cottage.

Kembhavi Architecture

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