What Makes a Great Room Design?

When you get your home redesigned or just some of your rooms renovated, this can be a highly exciting time and a great opportunity to change the impact your property makes on people as well as the way you feel spending time in it. This is the same as a person getting a makeover and your home can go from being a frumpy and drab to being slick, modern and desirable – think Sandy from Greece.

Of course though in order to benefit from these changes you need to get your home redesigns right and that means spending a lot of time and money investing in the right fittings and furniture as well as in the right service to make the plans and execute them. But how do you know if you have a good home design? Here we will look at a few of things that a great renovation for your room should be…


When you have your rooms renovated you need to make sure that they look contemporary and with it. Most of us wouldn’t want to purchase a property that previously belonged to an old retired couple as in many cases it would be too old fashioned looking and the decor would date it. Take this opportunity to make your property look as modern and as slick as possible and it will stand the test of time much more effectively.


That said, there are some tropes of modernity you need to avoid – and that means anything that’s hard to reverse or that will date the rooms in future. In other words you need to choose features that look modern and high tech now, but that will also look just as modern in ten years’ time. Many elements of interior design are timeless and things like wooden floors and stone tiles are unlikely to date because they appear natural and have been around for so long.

Luxury and Classy

You want your property to look luxurious and that means going for the more expensive looking fittings not the cheapest thing you can find. Do note though that you don’t actually have to spend billions to make your home look expensive – that’s all about having a good eye and knowing what to look out for.

At the same time though, make sure that your home doesn’t look too bawdy or ostentatious – this is a risk you run if you just try to choose expensive objects for their own sake. Instead make sure that each thing you pick out and include is chosen carefully and fits with the rest of the decor so that you can show off your sense of style.


A room that looks good isn’t necessarily going to be great to look after or live in. Make sure that your space then is also easy to keep clean (meaning you don’t have too much clutter and meaning that it uses flat surfaces) and that it lends itself to what you’re going to be doing there whether that means entertaining guests or eating dinner.